How can Cost Segregation Study LLC help you?

At Cost Segregation Study LLC, our approach is goal-oriented.  We create value for our clients, and do not interfere with current business relationships.  We are willing to work with your existing accountant to help you r company realize the value our service can provide.

Our construction engineering and tax specialists examine real estate holdings to determine which costs can be segregated and depreciated over a much shorter recovery period, rather than over a 39-year depreciable life.

  • Our experts are trained in this technical are of taxation and engineering-based approach of constructing your facility.
  • Our consultants have researched all the highly technical court cases, IRS rulings and procedures as they relate to cost segregation.
  • Our professionals can read and interpret blueprints and specifications.
  • Our team has performed thousands of studies ranging from warehouses to highly automated processing plants.
  • We build strategic alliances with CPA firms with engineering support to complete outsourcing.
  • We have experience in dealing with IRS audits as it pertains to asset allocations.

           We've saved millions of dollars
                               for businesses like yours!

Cost Recovery Solutions

Cost Recovery and Profit Improvement


Almost every business has the ability to substantially improve profit performance, but many do not realize that with the insights of industry experts, it can happen virtually overnight. As companies face very intense pressures to be more competitive and to increase shareholder value, new attention must be directed to the reduction and control of those expenses typically dismissed as "uncontrollable." Few businesses have the in-house expertise or the time to undertake an extensive profit-improvement review, and even fewer have access to the financial resources needed to bring in third-party general management consultants. Not only do they cripple corporate costs with excessive hourly rates, they rarely underwrite their fees with a profit-improvement guarantee. We provide the benefit of an unbiased third party without prohibitive costs. The only financial commitment you incur rests solely in our ability to improve your bottom line with newfound profits.

There are many areas in business where a company can focus attention on cost control. Our Suite of Services focuses on 8 key areas:

Freight & Supply Chain

  Let our former carrier pricing managers negotiate your FedEx®/UPS®/DHL® contracts. Over 97% of the time, we can reduce a company's costs by 10–20%! Audit your FedEx®/UPS®/DHL® invoices PRIOR to payment, automate your accounting processes, and then view and manage your data online!  

Accounts Payable

  Duplicate payments, missed discounts, and over 25 other categories of overpayments can account for a loss of 1% or more of your payables. The solution to identifying and recovering these overpayments and minimizing their recurrence lies in our talent and technology.  

Real Estate Management

  A real estate lease audit provides your company with the opportunity to examine the Lease Agreement to determine if the rent expenses—including base rent, common area maintenance (CAM), operating expenses, property taxes, and utilities—are being billed in accordance with the lease terms. Companies that own their buildings can increase their cash flow by accelerating depreciation deductions and deferring federal and state income taxes through a Cost Segregation Study.  

IT Cost Control

  Reduce your IT costs 10–25% by utilizing our services to renegotiate your annualized hardware and software maintenance costs. Reduce IT capital costs and annual depreciation by utilizing our expertise in hardware and software acquisitions to obtain the best possible pricing and contracts on your IT purchases.  

Utility Cost Management

  Overcharges in most businesses' utility bills are common, unnoticed, and can be identified and recovered only by a comprehensive utility bill audit. Most businesses are overcharged, and subsequently overpay, by as much as 3–15% each and every month! Waste, recycling, and byproducts have transformed from “necessary evils” into “green” cost reduction opportunities with attractive social responsibility tie-ins. Our proprietary analytic tools, processes, and industry experts have successfully produced an average client savings of 19–33%!  

Document Fleet Management

  Reduce and control document production fleets, including copiers, printers, fax machines, and multifunctional/color devices by as much as 15-25%!  

Healthcare Cost Control

  Self-insured companies can recapture overpaid healthcare expenses through a comprehensive, detailed audit process with proven results of up to 8% of total claims expenses returned!  

Travel Management

  Reduce travel expenditures by as much as 35% while improving service levels and obtaining greater visibility of travel expenses. Audit airfares and hotels PRIOR to taking trips to reduce travel costs.  

Our team of experts provides you with a unique partnership through:

Knowledge Strengthened with Technology

  Our unique profit-improvement strategies are founded on tried-and-true cost-reduction practices powered by state-of-the-art audit and recovery technology. Each of our service offerings provides in-depth, broad-based cost-recovery consulting services extending from opportunity assessment, data collection, and analysis to process implementation and support—all without disruption to day-to-day operations.  

An Expert Advantage

  Our mission is to go beyond cost control by mining the profits of cost recovery while striving to establish a partnership alliance built on confidence and trust. The industry expertise and "insider information" of our industry experts represent literally hundreds of years of collective experience and will provide you with a distinct advantage when it comes to recovering lost profits, reducing costs, and improving profit performance through outsourcing non-core functions.  

Pay Only For Results

  Our team of profit-improvement experts provides services that are entirely self-funding. Our performance-based compensation is contingent solely on results and calculated exclusively on a share of recovered costs or new savings generated by our services. Utilizing data mined from internal departments and outside suppliers, our services are completely non-intrusive, leaving your management and staff free to complete daily tasks with minimal interruption. Our travel services are project-based. Otherwise, unless we deliver profits, our services are free—no up-front fees or charges!  

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Our mission is to go beyond cost control and mine the profits of cost recovery while establishing a partnership with our clients built on trust and seamless execution.