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Office | Corporate Buildings | Cost Segregation Studies

If your clients acquire real estate valued at $1 million or more, they may be eligible for substantial federal and state tax savings through a professionally conducted Cost Segregation Study. A cost segregation study involves certain assets within the transaction that may qualify for accelerated depreciation. The results of accelerated depreciation are larger tax deductions over a shorter period, meaning increased cash flow and lower capital costs.

Sample Office Building Cost Segregation Study

Based on a similar complex, a professionally based cost segregation study for a $12 million office building resulted in additional depreciation of approximately $1.36 million over the first four years in service. The income taxes deferred over the same four years amounted to approximately $533,000 (using a 39% combined federal and state income tax rates).

Cost segregation studies can be performed on current, as well as on past, real estate transactions. Contact a Cost Segregation professional for a free cost benefit analysis on all of your real estate transactions, past or present.