How can Cost Segregation Study LLC help you?

At Cost Segregation Study LLC, our approach is goal-oriented.  We create value for our clients, and do not interfere with current business relationships.  We are willing to work with your existing accountant to help you r company realize the value our service can provide.

Our construction engineering and tax specialists examine real estate holdings to determine which costs can be segregated and depreciated over a much shorter recovery period, rather than over a 39-year depreciable life.

  • Our experts are trained in this technical are of taxation and engineering-based approach of constructing your facility.
  • Our consultants have researched all the highly technical court cases, IRS rulings and procedures as they relate to cost segregation.
  • Our professionals can read and interpret blueprints and specifications.
  • Our team has performed thousands of studies ranging from warehouses to highly automated processing plants.
  • We build strategic alliances with CPA firms with engineering support to complete outsourcing.
  • We have experience in dealing with IRS audits as it pertains to asset allocations.

           We've saved millions of dollars
                               for businesses like yours!

Restaurants - Fast Food - Cost Segregation Studies

If you own your real estate and purchased it since 1987, you may be eligible for substantial tax savings. Our team of CPAs, engineers and appraisers can read or interpret construction blueprints and architectural information to see if you To get started, just send us a copy of your tax depreciation schedule for all restaurants owned or with land leases since 1987. We will then estimate the benefits for you based on our extensive industry experience. We have performed hundreds of cost segregation studies on fast food, quick serve and sit-down concepts.

Recent Projects

  • A KFC restaurant was built for $700,000 in 2005. We located 38% in 15-Year property and 23% in 5-Year property resulting in a present value tax benefit of $63,874.
  • A full service restaurant located in South Carolina was constructed in 2003 for $589,807. Out of this cost we were able to allocated 18.5% to 15-Year property and 28% to 5-Year property which resulted in a present value tax benefit of $51,428 and additional depreciation for the first year of $87,856.
  • A Taco Bell restaurant located in southern California benefited from a cost segregation study when our specialists identified over $170,000 in 15-Year and 5-Year assets.
  • A Burger King restaurant located in the northeast was built in 1997 for $750,000. Our engineers performed a cost segregation study and identified 23% in 15-Year assets and 20% in 5-Year assets.

Testimonials from Fast Food Franchise Operators

KFC Franchisees
“Great Service, Great Savings, Great Price. A professionally researched approach to ensure unquestioned depreciation rates.” -Dennis KFC Franchisee

“A cost segregation project has paid huge dividends to my company. With truly minimal effort on our part (with assistance from your engineers), we were able to provide the information necessary for you to help us accelerate hundreds of thousands of dollars of depreciation on our seven properties, which has significantly increased my cash flow. The close contact you had with our CPA along with the detailed reports documenting past court decisions as well as breakdowns of the individual properties quickly converted him into your camp. Your documentation has been very easy to incorporate into our financial records and tax returns. As we grow in the future, I will continue to include Cost Segregation Study, LLC in the planning stages to continue taking advantage of their services.”  -Tom KFC Franchisee

“As a result of a cost segregation study analysis prepared for us by Cost Segregation Study, LLC, we were able to reduce our total income tax liability significantly. Their prompt and courteous service was greatly appreciated. I highly recommend this firm to do an analysis for any fast-food franchisee.” -Kirk KFC Franchisee

“Cost Segregation Study, LLC performed a cost segregation study on ten restaurants we purchased in 2001. As a result, we accelerated depreciation on purchases that were reclassified from a 39-year life resulting in substantial tax savings. Grant Keppel and his associates prepared a professional presentation and study that both our CPA and corporate officers were impressed with. I would recommend Cost Segregation Study, LLC for their professionalism, accuracy and proficiency in analyzing and segregating costs.” -Beth KFC Franchisee

“Cost Segregation Study, LLC was very efficient and thorough while doing our cost segregation study. The tax savings arising from the cost segregation were significant. Grant Keppel and his team members did an excellent job. The tax savings will be felt not only currently but also on future projects.” -Mike KFC Franchisee

Taco Bell Franchisees
“Working with Cost Segregation Study, LLC had a positive impact on our business. We acquired numerous properties last year and a cost segregation study saved us tax dollars. The study paid for itself.” -Paul Taco Bell Franchisee

“There was little time to complete the study before year end and I was amazed with the amount of speed used by Cost Segregation Study, LLC to put it all together. Cost Segregation Study, LLC worked very well with our accountant making it easy on us. The tax savings realized by the shortened life of a lot of assets was well worth the cost of the study.” -Becky Taco Bell Franchisee