How can Cost Segregation Study LLC help you?

At Cost Segregation Study LLC, our approach is goal-oriented.  We create value for our clients, and do not interfere with current business relationships.  We are willing to work with your existing accountant to help you r company realize the value our service can provide.

Our construction engineering and tax specialists examine real estate holdings to determine which costs can be segregated and depreciated over a much shorter recovery period, rather than over a 39-year depreciable life.

  • Our experts are trained in this technical are of taxation and engineering-based approach of constructing your facility.
  • Our consultants have researched all the highly technical court cases, IRS rulings and procedures as they relate to cost segregation.
  • Our professionals can read and interpret blueprints and specifications.
  • Our team has performed thousands of studies ranging from warehouses to highly automated processing plants.
  • We build strategic alliances with CPA firms with engineering support to complete outsourcing.
  • We have experience in dealing with IRS audits as it pertains to asset allocations.

           We've saved millions of dollars
                               for businesses like yours!

Healthcare - Medical Facilities - Cost Segregation Studies

Cost Segregation Studies are used in "Not-For-Profit" and "For-Profit" facilities to recover investment costs. These studies are sophisticated and require technical competence in the engineering, construction, estimating, appraisal, and tax disciplines in addition to extensive cost segregation experience. Therefore, they are fully recognized by the IRS, and our team performs hundreds for corporations, accountants and CPA firms throughout the country.


Sample Cost Segregation Studies for Healthcare and Medical-Related Facilities

Ambulatory Care Centers
An ambulatory surgery center recently saved $238,000 in taxes by having us identify assets hidden within their facility. Many were "built-into the walls" and, unknown to them, qualified for accelerated depreciation to lower taxable income, and thereby, federal and state taxes. To deliver these savings we performed a Healthcare Cost Segregation Study with our team of specialists. Some examples of recent Healthcare studies are:

Pennsylvania Medical Offices
A $4,100,000 General Practice facility benefited when our specialists reclassified over 24% of the project cost from the conventional 39-Year tax life to 5- and 15-Year lives resulting in a present value tax benefit of $183,000.

Skilled Nursing
"For-Profit" skilled nursing facility study located $3,300,000 in 15-Year and $4,750,000 in 5-Year assets in its $41,500,000 cost for a first year depreciation deduction of $1,972,000. That is an additional $908,000 in depreciation!

Michigan Nursing Facility
This Nursing and Subacute Care facility eligible assets identified included $897,000 in 15-Year land improvements, and $750,000 as 5- and 7- Year personal property which resulted in a present value tax benefit of $220,000.

New York Assisted Living Facility
Within the $7,900,000 cost were $1,500,000 in eligible 5- or 15-Year property that resulted in a present value tax benefit of $190,000.

Retirement Home
"Not-For-Profit" retirement home study resulted in an accelerated Medicare reimbursement life of 20.2 Years instead of the un-segregated 40-Year life for its $26,000,000 cost.

California Surgery Center
This facility for Sports Medicine and Orthopaedics was built for $2,700,000. We located 87 qualified assets such as site utilities, electrical feeds to the surgical rooms, plumbing for exam rooms, nurse call systems, medical HVAC equipment, etc. With an effective tax rate for the client at 46%, the project delivered approximately $500,000 in income tax savings over a four-year period.